New girl in town ..

As I began to write my very first post I would like all of you to know that this page will  be something that each and every one can relate to , the confusion that being a girl I face in every given scenario , the different decisions which one have to make while moving to a big city leaving her family and friends . hello everyone , I welcome you all as i began to write my journey and day-to-day experiences about being a new girl in town as I go through my daily dilemmas .



Hailo lovelies!

As the past year has been a roller coaster ride for me I am sure it must have been for you too so today we will just have a quick chit chat because lets admit we all need it.

Do what you love and love what you do as I start by saying because many a times we get stuck by the social stigmas in life or the pressure we get from the outside world. “let your anger and frustration be a balloon and let go” its a process, it might not happen overnight neither within a short span of time but believe me that it will happen ONE DAY.

Don’t you worry about it because all of us face the same issues Aaah more or less the same. Listen to only your inner self and most importantly take good care of your health because health is only the real wealth which you will earn and will stay beside you and will enable you to forfeit each and every aspect of your life.  Continue reading “HERE WE MEET AGAIN”


in today’s scenario humanity is merely a word without holding any regards to its original meaning where people used to go out of their ways in order to help each other , GandhiJi dreamed of a violence free nation where the children would be protected , people wouldn’t be homeless with minimal hatred and more love but it would not be wrong to say that after the attacks on our soldiers where two of our cadets were mutilated to an extent which outraged our country and put forward the question of safety of our cadets who protect us through every thick and thin , who sacrifices their lives in order that we could be protected ; what is the safety measures taken towards them ? how can they feel protected ? how can someone enter our homeland and show such brutality ?

the answers to these questions will be given at the right time and at the right place , just the way that we are humiliated right now , they will be too and they will have to pay the price for this portrayal of unforgiving incident which will be recorded through the ties of time in every Indian who pledge to give it back and every possible way . this in-humanitarian act slapped us right through our face and raised questions towards us . time is very sluttish it can possibly take back more than what it give . yesterday we were not prepared tomorrow they will not be . tomorrow will be ours .

                                                  #tomorrowwillbeours .


I have no idea what’s going to happen and i love it .

so, um, god, what’s the plan ? oh, ok, ill wait, you do your thing . started my day with a potion of caffeine and basic newspaper, I began to think what’s next ? so, ok, here I’m, now where ?  what more to do today or on most of the days as i was open to whatever comes next . today, i made up my mind that no matter how worse the situation be ill start appreciating whatever is with me and will not think of the things that i could have had as i understood a simple formula of life that if it should have it would have .

do what you can do until you can do what you want to do because in the end we only feel remorse about the odds we didn’t take . sometimes not knowing which direction you’re pursuing can actually help you, all you gotta do is trust your movement . if you do something which turns out to be great for you then you should do something else fabulous, don’t just dwell on it for long, figure out your what’s next . be right there, next time fortune visits you . I know for a fact that im far from what i once was but not yet what I’m going to be . remember no one knows what’s next but everybody does it . 

what’s next for me ? I don’t know . so I’m exactly in the same boat as the many of you .

        #makeyourownquotes .


Words have power, as ‘how you make others feel about themselves, says a lot about you’ 

be cautious while choosing what you speak as the person sitting beside you could find that disturbing . Robin Sharma said ; words can inspire and words can destroy, choose yours well . WORDS , the methodical way of expressing yourself can sometimes  go wrong as the message that you want to convey might possibly have gone down the wrong route . don’t worry it happens with everyone or should i say shit happens with everyone, it more or less means the same .

tomorrow you’ll have to live with the things you said or did to someone, so its better to thing before you speak . words have the power to destroy relations in every possible way and sometimes it just a little misunderstanding of words that can get things go ruthless . people often tend to believe on the things they hear rather than the things they see so make sure they hear good about you, words can be powerful and when put into good use they become inspiring . once in a day do think ; what have your words done today ? was it worth it ? was it just a little misunderstanding of words ? , sticks and stones might break someone’s bones but your words will rip their skin apart .

lets build something memorable, tell your story . select your words .

        #selectyourwords .


Noam Chomsky once said ; ‘if you don’t like what someone has to say, argue with them’ .

Sometimes it bugs me how archaic some conversations can be . we are staying in an environment which is changing rapidly which is good at one hand but petrifying on the other . residing in a city like New-Delhi makes one heart go alive again which so much to accomplish yet so much to glance with emotions usually all over the place .

Living in a society where friendliness is usually taken over by the feeling of infatuation ruining everything in its way  especially the bond , I know you don’t want to listen this but someone has to say ; you’re out of control . we all are simply hypnotized by the city lights, sometimes i find myself in trouble thinking about what ain’t . its easy to be lethal , the thing which am learning from the city .

For most of history , anonymous was a woman . do not ever be just another flower picked up for its beauty and left to die , be wild , difficult and impossible to predict . people will come and people will go its you who has to grab up to your spirit to the best possible way . don’t let your setbacks define you , remember each tear you shed is a waterfall . be a head full of dreams and let your money bribe your dreams in order for them to come true .

‘if there is a small voice saying this is not for you ……….. LISTEN ‘

          #outofcontrol .


Alive or just breathing .

Even when we all know its wrong , how can we possibly hold onto it , when there is somebody better all along, just for the sake of being with someone who is not meant to be simply because we all are scared to death to be alone . walking alone to not something one desire rather its a choice which we have to make in order to respect ourselves , it’s a decision to walk alone and accept it or not we do have to like it .

Admit it , you’re afraid to text him/her first because you feel like you’re annoying , magnifying each other flaws , wonder what for ? why does it all keep coming back and forth ?

Sometimes the worst place you can be is in your own head as our mind creates half of the problems and gives us stress even before there is stress to stress about . As they say ‘there is lot of pain in being lonely but lot of beauty in being alone’ . have you ever been so quiet that you can hear your own heartbeat  ? is so , then you surely know the beauty of being alone and the sigh of silence . don’t worry when the time is right you will find that special someone then all of this will make sense . grab chances , they’re worth taking .

better an oops than a what if .

         #aliveorbreathing .


     I choose to be happy .

Staying happy is a matter of choice , it’s up to you which side of the coin you choose . happiness is not out there as some of you might go looking for it as it’s not a goal , it’s there right inside you , all you gotta do is search within yourself and you’ll find a true key of happiness which is not materialistic but a by-product .no person can make you happy until and unless you decide to be . your happiness will not come to you it can only come from you . on the quest to find solace sometimes we might travel or do some adventurous things but our solace will only come if and only we relax and sometimes chill , now there is a misconception about ‘chilling’ , chilling is not something in being foolishly indulged in , it’s an art of doing seriously nothing without being bored  .

we mustn’t ruin a good day simply thinking about a bad yesterday which I certainly know is very difficult to understand as it is human nature to stress about things which possibly doesn’t even exist . 90% of our problems are self-created . sometimes as it happens with me like the type of conservative person I’m and with some of you out there ; when i chill i isolate myself in my own surroundings and people come asking why m i sitting alone or what m i wondering? it’s just nothing  as i like the idea of doing nothing . well that’s me but as for you ;happiness is always knocking on your door , you just gotta let it in and let it sink you with all the positivity . remember when you yourself are not happy how can you expect people around you to be happy just like said by Roald Dahl ‘ its impossible to make your eyes twinkle if you aren’t feeling twinkly yourself . 

life is too short to be sad so do what makes you happy and just embrace one other .

#relaxpauseandbreath .



some years back no one would’ve imagined the way in which DU’s theatre women are creating plays today that leave their audience uncomfortable and if you ask them about this concept of theirs of making audience uncomfortable they say ; that is the point , otherwise how will one understand the atrocities that one face in reality .

as i began to explore my day around the corners of the city there were these two girls who caught my attention while discussing about the foreplay of these acts , as one was in favor of these plays while other was not , while their argument continued i started thinking of both corners and the reason why it became so important for college students to enact this , the turning point came after the nirbhaya case of 2012 which has left all of the women theatre uninhibited . people think ‘how could she say this ‘? how can she use such a word ? etc , people need to change their mentality about things , the problem is that people are okay in watching objectification of women in screens but get embarrassed while seeing it in front of their eyes , the idea is to make them uncomfortable so they think about it . 

                                                        #thatsthepoint .


start a revolution ; stop hating your body .

being living in a society which categorizes you at every given situation is a tough job , as many of you can relate to being body shamed now and then as I’ve faced that myself , just not being pretty enough ? or being thin enough ? just because someone else doesn’t approve you or thinks you’re not enough is simply their misconception not ours . everyone is beautiful in each given way . being too heavy or too thin doesn’t make you any less important . there is no machine in this entire universe which can tell you your worth only you yourself can decide that .

your body is not an apology , stop hating it . there is not a single thing one should change in order to please someone else . I’ve come to realize that I can be happy with my body and not letting anyone say a thing about it . there is that one thing that we must remember  ‘ someone will always be thinner , someone will always be prettier but they will never be you ‘.

beauty doesn’t have a weight limit and it is impossible to satisfy others so one should just stop trying .

                                                       #bodyshamingisnotokay .




RISING SUN , #yesallwomen

a bird all alone on the wind can still be strong and sing .

As they say ‘if you want anything said ask a man but if you want anything done ask a woman’ I’m a woman and I have all the abilities and strength that it takes to conquer the world . we all hear about people who are fighting for the equality for women and getting them equal in terms of men which is very good but the one thing that they fail to understand is equality will only come into the society as and when the word gender is no longer needed , the day we stop categorizing that is when we all will know what equality really is .

this international women’s day , all I want is to reach out to every women  through this and say that ; only you have the power to change your tomorrow , all you got to do is keep your spirit soaring high and never settle for less . people will always try to tell you who you are , don’t let them . believe in yourself , do what makes you happy  and it is all about you .